About me

During the course of my career in business and international relations in Russia and the United States I have been continuously using and developing my skills as a Russian-language interpreter and translator. I worked with top business companies, universities, international organizations and executives from all over the world and know how to handle communications in a multilingual and multicultural environment. As a hobby, I also taught English part-time to different groups of students, from toddlers to adults, just because I loved it.

In 2018, I was certified as a court interpreter in the states of Pennsylvania and Illinois and began interpreting in courts and during depositions, including over the phone and video during the pandemic. In 2019, I was certified as an immigration court interpreter.


BA in Foreign Languages (English & German), Pomor State University in Arkhangelsk, Russia; MA in Accounting & Audit from All-Russia Institute of Economics & Finance in Moscow, Russia; MBA from Kansas State University in Manhattan, KS, USA.


Certified Court Interpreter with the Administrative Offices of Pennsylvania and Illinois Courts; Department of Justice – Executive Office for Immigration Review (DOJ-EOIR) Contract Interpreter.


American Translators Association (ATA), Midwest Association of Translators and Interpreters (MATI), Chicago Area Translators and Interpreters Association (CHICATA).

Services & Rates


Consecutive/simultaneous/whisper interpreting, video/telephone interpreting, escort interpreting, onsite group coordination, conference management, cross-cultural consulting, translation, proofreading, editing and website management.

Areas of specialization

Legal, immigration, business, energy, electric power industry, finance, accounting, medical/healthcare, maritime, technology, sport, international relations, tourism and others.


  • Please contact me for rates information. Rates will be calculated based on the type and duration of the interpretation assignment, volume and deadline of the translation project.

“The translation called good has original value as a work of art.” – Benedetto Croce

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